At RenKap we help scale the delivery of high-quality homes for those locked out of the housing market. We believe that the current housing market is broken and we are working to help fix it!


Our Mission

To scale the delivery of high-quality affordable homes for aspiring first time buyers by empowering Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) to build at scale again.


To do to the Property Sector what AirBNB has done to Hospitality Sector and what Uber has done to the Transport Sector.


We are working on building an Online Platform where Housing Associations and Local Authorities can upload their unused small sites. Through the platform, we will assess, review, procure and manage the delivery of high-quality homes for Local People. 


We target the small sites that are difficult and time consuming for Local Authorities and Housing Associations to deliver. These sites are being forgotten. At RenKap we are aware of the built up potential of small sites to deliver truly affordable homes. We consolidate these sites and aggregate demand to entice off-site manufacturers and improve economies of scale.

RenKap will provide Local Homes for Local People through Shared Ownership and Rent to Buy.