At RenKap we help scale the delivery of high-quality homes for those locked out of the housing market. The housing market is broken and we are working to help fix it!

Our Mission

To help alleviate the housing crisis by delivering affordable homes at scale.


To become the largest house builder in the UK without directly building any homes.


We provide an online platform where large landowners can upload their under-utilised development sites. Through the platform, our vetted Supply Chain Partners will review, assess and deliver high-quality affordable homes at scale.

Our platform aggregates and de-risks development sites and then procures them to offsite modular manufacturers at scale.


We target the small sites that are difficult, time consuming and inefficient to deliver. These sites are being forgotten and at RenKap we are using a platform approach to make them as efficient and lucrative as the large sites. Our automated software allows our clients to deliver these sites with minimal internal resource allowing them to do a lot more with less.