Land Owners

At RenKap we want to help our clients maximise the potential from their under-utilised small sites. We understand that Large Public Sector Landowners have many ambitious objectives and do not have the time and resources to focus on multiple small and complicated sites.

At RenKap we automate and simplify the development of small sites to allow our clients to scale their delivery and maximise their potential with minimal effort.


stage 1 - Site Identification

At this stage we use Land Registry data and Artificial Intelligence to work with our client and partners to help identify development potential on small sites which may not have previously been considered.


2 weeks

Cost per site


*Approx £100 per home


stage 2 - Due Diligence

During the Due Diligence stage we work with specialists surveyors to undertake desktop studies and on-site intrusive surveys to ensure that each site is de-risked and suitable for development. RenKap will then provide a portfolio report to identify the successful sites and recommendations for mitigating any identified risks on the unsuccessful sites.


6 weeks

Cost per site


*Approx £2,300 per home


stage 3 - Feasibility

During the Feasibility stage we work with specialists consultants to maximise the social purpose and business opportunity achievable on each site. The outcome will be tailored to each clients specific business objectives.


6 weeks

cost per site


*Approx £2,000 per home


stage 4 - Pre-Contract

During the Pre-Contract stage we work with specialists consultants to design the scheme, achieve planning and procure the main contract works. We also secure competitive long-term funding through our partners where required.


9 months

cost per site


*Approx £16,700 per home


stage 5 - Post-Contract

During the Post-Contract stage we supervise the construction work of the Modular Manufacturers to ensure high-quality homes are delivered on time and on budget.


12 months

Cost per home


All-in Cost per home = Approx £210,000

*Costs may change on a site by site basis